Hello! Good news! I am officially ready to reboot this roleplay! Awesome, right? Not only that, but I will also be looking for a co-admin to help me run this thing.  Interested? Come give me a shout!

Hello, darlings! Sorry for my brief stint of absence — I was vacationing in Nova Scotia and, unfortunately, internet is scarce.  I’m back now, though, and would love some apps and questions!

would andreew garfield be a good district one mentor?

Absolutely! Go right ahead and send him in, my love.

Good morning, lovelies! I have to go to work in about three hours, but I’m going to be around until then! 

6 lurkers? Woo! Come send me some apps!

Will the characters be able to get sponsor stuff?

I suppose that is plausible — the tributes will be ranked and such, so they could very well receive sponsors.  

how will it be decided on who dies when time for the hunger games comes around? a randomizer or something?

No, love.  No tributes will be dying in this roleplay! I hate it when roleplays do that.  Trust me, there will be a little twist.  


will it start at the reapings or straight into the hunger games?

It is going to start as soon as the tributes reach the Capitol, darling.

so, is this basically going to start at the 75th hunger games?

Not exactly, love. In this roleplay, the 75th Games have already occurred, except in this version Snow squashed the rebellion before it ever really had a chance to go very far.   Katniss and all of the other people involved have been eliminated.  This roleplay takes off from the reaping of the 76th Games, right after the failed rebellion.

Hey, loves. Just wanted to let you know that everything under 'Goodies' isn't linked right. Also, I will definitely be sending in an app! This is definitely one of the greatest roleplays I've ever come across!

Oh my god — seriously? Thank you so much! I can’t wait to receive your application! (Also, thank you for letting me know! I’ll go change that right now.)